eZee FrontDesk

Hotel Management Software

eZee FrontDesk is a state-of-art property management system that enables hotels and hotel chains to run business operations more efficiently and effectively. Designed and developed with latest technology meeting international hospitality standards.

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eZee BurrP!

Restaurant Software

eZee BurrP!, point-of-sale system which is ideal for restaurants, bars, night clubs, fast food restaurants, and more. No matter which or what kind of restaurant. Whether a restaurant in a single store or a nationwide chain, eZee BurrP! will help in attaining a new level of...

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eZee Absolute

Hotel Booking Software

eZee Absolute is a cloud-based property management system that enables hotels of all sizes and types to manage their day-to-day functions with ease. It gives property owners, managers, associates, and other staff members to run their operations with higher...

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eZee Reservation

Booking Engine

eZee Reservation is an Online Booking Engine which integrates seamlessly to the property website and gives clients the ability to book reservations, packages, and offers directly from the website. It lets you setup your entire property details through single dashboard...

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eZee Centrix

Channel Manager

eZee Centrix is a Channel Manager that helps hotels to manage their property’s rates and inventory on various channels/travel websites. eZee Centrix; a new state of the art channel manager give clients the tools to easily manage all property rates and inventory on various...

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eZee iMenu

Restaurant Menu Software

eZee iMenu is a Digital Restaurant Menu for restaurants. The application is a sleek and stylish way to present your menu items to your customers and providing them with a new interactive experience.

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eZee iFeedback

Feedback System

eZee iFeedback is a versatile online feedback system for hotels and restaurants which allows to build stronger relationships with guests and customers. Complete freedom on how and when to collect feedback from clients. Powered with robust features...

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Mobile App Builder

Appytect is a mobile app builder for hotels, designed and developed specifically for the hospitality industry. You can build a custom mobile app for your hotel with complete branding and features meeting your specific requirements.

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Welcome to Philus Limited

Our company is a group of experienced people in the hospitality automation systems. We are offering the absolute solutions for every function of hotel and restaurant managements via eZee products. The eZee groups are now the worldwide companies that have gained reputation as the most flexible software solutions for all hospitality industries in the past 10 years.

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